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Content Guru

Content providers (bloggers, instagrammers, youtubers, snapchatters etc. who produce content for a social media channel)


Business Hippie

Corporate marketing managers, content marketing professionals, campaign planners, advertising specialists, media planners etc.

PING Ethics is a set of guidelines that aims to develop content marketing by compiling common ground rules for operations and ethics. This also helps new-comers when getting started. The guidelines are compiled in cooperation with content providers and companies utilising content marketing and they are especially useful when commercial material is produced for the influencer’s own channels.

Trust, transparency and ethical correctness benefit all parties:

Consumers: Being able to recognise commercial content and being able to trust the integrity of content providers.

Content providers: Fair play increases the reliability of the different social media channels used and thus increases revenue.

Companies: Clear rules make it easier to act and create trust.

Media: Traditional media can continue to do its part as a reliable source of information.

The entire industry: The industry develops and becomes more professional. Self-regulation diminishes the need for additional legislation.

By signing the PING Ethics code you tell your audience, customers and business partners that you are committed to promoting transparent content marketing.