PING Ethics

PING Ethics is an ethic code for promoting the transparency and general fairness of content marketing. The end-result is an open, trusting and profitable cooperation that benefits both the influencers and businesses especially when creating a content to influencer’s own social media channels.


By signing the PING Ethics code, you tell your audience, customers and business partners that you are committed to promoting transparent influencer marketing.

OVER 400

Influencers: 294
Marketing persons: 133

Are you influencer?

Blogger, instagrammer, youtuber, snapchatters etc. who produce content for own social media channels.

Are you marketing person?

Corporate marketing manager, content marketing professional, campaign planner, advertising specialist, media planner etc. who is responsible of influencer and content marketing.

How to mention commercial content


The mention "Commercial collaboration" and the name of the partner company needs to be put in the beginning of a blog post. Also other gained benefits has to be mentioned.


On Instagram the commercial collaboration has to be mentioned on post using #paidcontent. Also the name of the partner company has to be mentioned.


The mention of commercial collaboration and the name of the partner company needs to be the first thing in the Facebook post.


Commercial collaboration has to be mentioned on YouTube videos both in the content (marked “video contains paid promotion”) and in the video’s description.

Influencer – Do you know what you are responsible for?

Fake or Fact – The Handbook of a Reliable Social Media Influencer is a guide and toolkit for all content creators in social media. It provides concrete tips and procedures for identifying false information, producing fact-based content, and thus building credibility.