Sign PING Ethics – Marketing person

  • *Tick the boxes below as you agree on the statements and commit to them. This way PING Ethics code will be at your disposal.

  • I respect the trust the influencer has built with his/her audience. I work with the influencers, whose channels, content and themes fit to company or brand values.
  • I respect the work of influencers by offering a reasonable payment from collaborations. I understand the difference between earned and paid media:
    Earned media is free publicity and it is difficult to influence. For example, giving free samples does not obligate the content provider to write about them.
    Paid media means using the content producers’ channels for commercial purpose for an agreed purpose and with agreed content and goals. Also in commercial content the content provider has the right to decide the means with which the subject is covered in his/her channels. Commercial content cooperation is based on producing high-quality content in an agreed manner and publishing it in the agreed channel, usually in the content provider’s own channel, such as blogs or Instagram accounts.
  • I am familiar with the industry’s legislation and other regulations and abide by them. I respect copyright laws and use content accordingly. I see to it that the material I provide for content providers is in line with all laws and regulations and can be used for commercial purposes.
  • Goals, how to measure results, follow-up, timetables, compensation, the message intermediated, links and keywords added, contact persons and other details of the cooperation are clearly stated when creating at least email agreement with influencer.
  • I respect the influencer’s views and personal experiences, and give him/her time and space to work and freedom to decide on the work method.
  • I check that the commercial cooperation has been clearly stated in the influencer’s channel. If this is not the case, I will quickly fix the matter in cooperation with the influencer. I will also make sure that the cooperation is stated in the company’s own channels.
  • I know my responsibilities when operating with influencers that are minors and have minor followers.
  • My actions are open and transparent as is the cooperation and its goals.
  • I will give all the needed information about my company, products and services to the influencer. I guarantee the accuracy and objectivity of the information provided. If necessary, I correct incorrect information in the influencer's content.
  • Contact information
  • We do not publish your email address ever.