How to point out commercial cooperation in blogs and YouTube channels?

Commercial cooperation has to be clearly stated in all influencer’s channels and also in the company’s own channels. The expression used is “commercial cooperation” if the content provider gets paid or other form of financial benefit, or there is a contract between a company and the content provider.

The mention of commercial cooperation needs to be put in the beginning of a blog post and a different font or other means of emphasis is to be used. Also the name of the partner company has to be mentioned. A mere “in cooperation with” is not sufficient.  

Use #commercialcooperation on Instagram. Commercial cooperation is to be mentioned on YouTube videos both in the content and in the video’s description. The same principle applies also to live streams and real-time storytelling, e.g. Snapchat or Instagram stories, in which commercial cooperation is to be transparent and regularly mentioned.


Examples of how to mention commercial cooperation:


An example of marking commercial collaboration in the blog. Please note the color change of font.




An example of marking commercial collaboration in Instagram, where both partner company and the #commercial collaboration have been marked