PING Ethics is an ethic code for promoting the transparency and general fairness of influencer marketing and content marketing. The end-result is an open, trusting and profitable cooperation that benefits both the influencers and businesses especially when creating content to influencer’s own social media channels.

By signing the PING Ethics code you can tell your audience, customers and business partners that you are committed to promoting transparent influencer marketing.

The main goals of PING Ethics are:

Develop the field of influencer marketing in Finland by compiling common ground rules for operations and ethics.

Encourage open, trusting and profitable cooperations between different parties.

Help influencer marketing new-comers getting started.

PING Ethics is hosted by PING Helsinki. PING Helsinki. PING Ethics code is updated yearly gathering to one document all new rules, guidelines and recommendations as well as best practices of Influencer marketing in Finland. PING Ethics code is compiled by in a cooperation with influencers and the content marketing companies and organizations.